Infinity Club Lounge
333 Main Street
SF, CA 94105
Sat 9/13/2014, Noon-3:30pm
for both Dina & Viet
women, men, and children welcome
Dina & Viet are registered at Amazon, EarthBaby, and Munchery, but we PREFER second-hand items in usable condition (perhaps ones you once found handy yourselves), in honor of reusing and conserving resources on the planet that our children will inherit from us.

Disposable diapers constitute the 3rd largest contributor (by volume) to US landfill sites today. EarthBaby's compostable diaper service diverts more than 10,000 pounds of diaper waste from Bay Area landfills each week and converts it to nutrient-rich soil.
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This SF start-up delivers meals prepared fresh daily, connecting chefs directly with consumers looking for something besides "going out" and "cooking in." The menu is diverse and constantly changing, ingredients are fresh (local and organic when possible), all packaging is biodegradable or recyclable using sustainable materials, and a meal is donated (SF & Marin Food Bank) for every meal purchased.
[Recipient's email = pervasivenature at gmail dot com]